When it comes to designer lighting, most people think that they are meant only for rich people. It so happened that for many years the middlemen and retailers were making ample money just by the exaggerated mark-ups. As a result, most of the consumers were thinking that modern lighting is out of the reach of common people.

As time progressed, things changed and there was one company that revolutionized the whole market. Yes, let’s share the Sofary storyWith honest and competitive pricing, luxury lighting was made available even to the common buyer. The company had a simple opinion, which was ‘Luxury lighting should not be expensive’.

With this goal in mind, the Sofary team started working towards drawing a policy that was transparent enough to explain their production and sourcing method. Thus all the savings get directly passed to the customers. The main motto of the Sofary Company is to give maximum satisfaction to their consumers.

There are various methodologies adopted by the company to help in reducing the cost of the product. Let’s understand how the company managed to provide full benefit to its customers. Well, it is the teamwork of the company that includes designers, craftsmen, and manufacturing specialists. These are the skilled experts who work together to give the benefits.

Since the company owns the manufacturing location, the overall overhead costs are low. Whatever the savings they make are all passed on directly to the customers. Since there is a direct link between the manufacturer and the customer you will see a drastic reduction in the final product cost.

Moreover, when you buy the luxury lightings or the chandeliers from Sofary, you don’t have to pay a single penny for shipping the article. Shipping and delivery are free. The crystal chandeliers have been used for ages, and its beauty never got faded.

In the 14th century, crystal chandeliers were popular. As time passed, there was a change in the trend. People demanded chandeliers with a majestic look and stunning designs. With the increase in raw material costs and manufacturing costs, these lightings just got high price tags. It made it impossible for common people to choose chandeliers.

The overall cost included various elements, such as the cost of crystals, holders, and electric wirings. To reduce the total cost one company called Sofary came up with an idea. At the start, it was hard, but soon Sofary became a brand name, and customers from all across the world approach them for their lighting solution. Initially, they took some time to establish the name, and after that rest is history. Today, even a common man can afford a magnificent chandelier.

When you visit their website to browse through the varieties of designs they offer. Every product is high standard even with an affordable price tag there is no compromise on its quality. You can even customize your lighting needs based on your taste. You will find good reviews from their customers.

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