Holograms labels are created bylayering images or taking pictures of items from different angles. They’re the most popular security feature among all anti-counterfeiting technology. You’ve probably encountered a security hologram labels on your credit cards and high-end bags, but they’re used in a wide variety of items more than those. If you’re getting hologram stickers for your global leadership products, it helps tolearnthe kinds you can request from the print shop.

True Color

Holographic images that are printed with the use of this technique reflect their true colors when viewed at a certain angle. For example, if you have a holographic sticker with your picture on it, most of the colors you’ll see are the random colors of the rainbow, but, at a specific angle, you’ll see the normal color of your skin, lips, and hair, just like in a normal photograph.


This kind of hologram label has2 different images printed on it. Each image shows up one at a time, depending on the angle where you hold the hologram sticker. In other words, one image will be displayed, and the other one will only appear if the viewing angle is changed.

2D Layering/3D Images

As the name implies, this kind of holographic label shows a 3-dimensional image. This is created by layering 2-dimensional photos, placing them one atop another. This produces visual depth and an illusion of a 3D structure in the sticker.

Micro Text or Images

This kind of hologram label design makes use of minuscule text or images that are rendered as a shape or a fine line. The design can be seen by the naked eye, but the micro text can only be read by using magnifying lenses.

Transparent Hologram Sticker

These see-through labels are used if you want a big hologram label, but you don’t want to cover your design.Transparent hologram stickers are primarily chosen for their aesthetic qualities.

3D Stereograms

These are like 3D hologram images, but not quite. Holographic stereograms create an illusion that a 3D image is moving, without changing the angle of the photo.


This 2D, 2-tone image is a hologram with color-inverting features. When the viewing angle is changed, the achrogram colors switch. This is an advanced technique in hologram printing and is hard to counterfeit.

Learn more about how hologram labels change the way business owners engage their customers and secure their products at a global leadership summit. If you don’t have this technology for your products yet, it’s time to make a unique holographic label and enhance your brand vision.

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