A logo is probably the most central element of any business’ image. It’s the first thing that customers notice in your company. But, creating an effective trademark takes more than just drawings and fonts. All elements have to be done right to create something that perfectly reflects your brand’s message and the service or product you provide.

So, here are 3 tips on creating your effective business logo:

Keep It Simple

Most of the iconic and impactful logos in history are surprisingly the simple ones, making them easy to recognize and remember. A straightforward design can express your brand’s message and personality quickly and efficiently. You can create this by using as little elements as possible since customers concentrate on a symbol for only a short amount of time. You can focus on aspects such as a unique font or striking color.

A good basis for a simple logo is its replication with relative ease. Think something like Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches, or Google’s clean “G”. Anyone can recreate these brands by hand, making them uncomplicated but effective. A straightforward design also means it’s versatile and can effortlessly be printed on any surface with little to no modifications.

Make It Memorable

The main goal of a logo is to connect with the customer and generate interest so they can consider purchasing your product or service. This is achieved with a memorable design that produces a strong impact. This goes hand in hand with the first tip of keeping it simple. You have to find the perfect balance where it’s straightforward enough to be easily remembered but not too bland and common, resembling another brand’s symbol.

One good way to make your logo memorable is by having a double entendre or an Easter egg in it. Take the pink “31” in Baskin Robbin’s for example, which represents their 31 flavors. There’s also the two T’s in Tostito’s that forms two people dipping a chip. Ideas like these come off as clever and exciting to consumers, making them even more unique and unforgettable. This technique may be tricky to pull off, but it’ll be worth it for your brand’s marketing.

Consider the Colors

This is where psychology comes into play. Remember that colors evoke different emotions, carry various meanings, and communicate ideas. So, the palette you choose should reflect what you want your customers to feel. Red represents excitement and passion, which is why brands that aim to convey high energy and strength use it a lot. Green, on the other hand, looks fresh and clean, so plenty of coffee shops and agricultural businesses like it.

Creating a great trademark means focusing on the qualities and details to make it perfect. When you’re ready to build your brand’s identity, get in touch with a trusted company that offers logo design services.

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