There is so much information about CBD that one might end up being over loaded with information. So why do I write one more article on this same old topic today? All the information available is only confusing us more.

So, forget everything you knew, heard and read so far. In this simple article, let me brief you all about the full spectrum CBD oil so that you will be clear on this subject. Once you are clear, you will be free to make an informed choice.

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What is the Full spectrum CBD?

 Before we go on to understand the concept of a full spectrum CBD, we need to understand what CBD actually is. CBD is cannabinol, one of the chemical compounds extracted from the hemp or marijuana plants. All such compounds exacted from these hemp plants are collectively called the cannabinoids.

A full spectrum CBD product, mostly a full spectrum CBD oil is something that contains all the chemical compounds that are extracted from the hemp or marijuana or any cannabis plant species. That would be the whole wide range of chemicals that form cannabinoids.

What is right for you: Full spectrum CBD or isolate CBD?

This is a choice that you should make based on your personal preference, your lifestyle and also based on what benefits are you looking for from your health supplements. However, we can give you some general pointers that can help you make a decision.

  • Strength: The full spectrum is usually a lot stronger and the calming and relaxing effect is more prominent due to the presence of a wide range of cannabis compounds.
  • Legality: While cannabinol also called as the CBD is perfectly legal in all the states of the USA, the full spectrum might not be legal in certain states as it contains other cannabis products like the THC.
  • Drug test: If you will have to take up a drug test, then you might better go for the isolate CBD. After consuming a full spectrum CBD, if you take up a drug test, you might not quite pass it.
  • Intoxication: Since you all know that the full spectrum CBD contains THC, if you are expecting me to say that you will be high or intoxicated on consuming the full spectrum CBD, then you are wrong. This is a myth and in reality, this will hardly make a difference in the way you feel.
  • Neurological effects: Due to the presence of THC in the full spectrum, it might not be suitable for the treatment of depression or anxiety.

These are some of the key differences between the full spectrum CBD and isolate CBD. Well, as earlier, the final take is a personal choice.

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