Digital distribution has revolutionized the music industry. It works as a link between the finished music records of artists and their fans. Music distribution is a good strategy to promote your music. Traditionally the distributors get records into the music stores and people purchase the same from there.

Digital distribution has emerged as a smart choice, and your music can reach a large number of people and you are paid for your talents. People are on the internet most of the time or it can be said that they are online. They listen to the music available online instead of listening to physical music, because it tends to be cheaper.

What Is Music Distribution?

It is the way of distributing your music to the listeners. In the traditional strategy, the distributors form an agreement with the record labels to sell music to stores.

But in the present times, digital distribution has changed the situation because it cuts the middleman. The music artists can directly distribute their music to online music stores and artists can keep with 100% of the royalties.

How Does Digital Distribution Work To Distribute The Music?

Although there are many companies that work online to distribute the music, MusicDigi, a digital music distribution company provides its services at its best. The interest and the benefits of the artists are kept in mind while their music is distributed on platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, iTunes, Google Music, etc.

The music artists can release their unlimited albums on the big digital platforms with their assistance. They are charged a reasonable amount only $39.99 per year.

So instead of opting for the physical distributors, opt for digital distributors such as MusicDigi, which allows the artists to keep complete rights to their music. It is a smart and good choice to build your name in the market

Some Of The Music Distribution Companies

These are like LANDR, CD Baby, TuneCore, Ditto Music, Record Union, musician and many more. Do some research regarding their fees which these charges for distributing your music?

These may deny the fact that they will charge you, but in some cases, there are certain hidden charges involved in the services. MusicDigi offers unlimited music distribution with no hidden costs.

The Benefits of Digital Distribution

The demand for digital music is continuously increasing because it sells very fast. The revenue collected by selling online is far more than physical selling. You need to be strategic in the approach. The online platform is the best place where you are going to get a large number of music lovers and there are more chances to reach them.

Steps To Be Followed For Distributing Your Music

Select The Best Digital Distribution Platform

Researches have been done about the best distribution platforms to distribute your music digitally. You can choose the one which is best like MusicDigi, the best digital music distribution platform for the artists. It caters to the needs of the artists and provides the opportunity to get your music on the online stores. The fees charged are reasonable without any hidden costs.

Mention The Information About Your Records

It includes details like the name of the artist, the title of the album, the release date, record label, composer’s information, artist bios, and the genre. The people should be able to search your music.

Promote Your Music

The promotional work needs to be done by the artists only, so they need to have a good online presence. The distributors only provide good marketing plans to sell your records. These are not concerned with the promotional part.


So there are better options for distributing your music online, and it is none other than Music Digi which works effectively as a digital music distribution company. Make your music available worldwide by availing of its services. Each artist gets a chance to achieve fame and to get better visibility among the people.

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