Dry cleaning, as the name suggests, it is process of cleaning without clothes without using water. This process uses the water free chemical based solvents to clean the product. You can go to your local dry cleaner shop to give your dirty clothes. There are some clothes that need special cleaning and that can be done at dry cleaners.

The process of dry cleaning was introduced in the Roman times when the cleaners used chemicals to clean woolen clothes just to avoid shrinking because of the hot water. Later around 30s the more petroleum and chlorine-based solvents were used by the cleaners. Later in 90s more eco-friendly solvents were introduced.

These days, you can easily find a local dry cleaner store near you. The best way to find a dry cleaner is check online and looks for top-rated dry-cleaning services near you.  The top-rated dry cleaners will have good name and fame in this field. They have professional and well-trained staff and they provide best services.

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Common Facts to Know

  • Tagging is the important step that is done at the dry-cleaning store. The very first process is tagging the clothes so that after cleaning they can be returned to the right customer. A tag is attached or pinned to the clothes to identify the clothes. The tag number contains the serial numbers and for some regular customers the bar code is used.
  • The second step is checking the clothes. Before the process starts, they check the pockets so that nothing is left. The next step is finding out the stain for pre-treatment. Before the dry cleaning they will look for the stains on your clothes and first treat them. If you know the reason of the stains then you can tell them about it so that your cleaner can use specific solvents. This will provide them the best results.
  • After this the clothes are dumped into the machine that contains the water free solvents to clean the clothes. The clothes are cleaned with the solvents and in the next process your cleaner will look for the spots if there so that they can clean them properly for the best results.
  • Now after cleaning your cloths need a little finishing so that they look clean as new. This last process involves pressing and steaming out the wrinkles. If any kind of repair is needed then it is done at the last stage after cleaning. Now, your clothes are ready to be delivered to you.

These are some of the common facts you need to know about Dry Cleaning.

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