Do you know about bug hunting or bug bounties? It is all about searching vulnerabilities in the coding of open-source software. Errors can be found in the coding of any software, from small calculators to large mathematical packages. However, here, you will get information about how the code analyzers located to be helpful in the examination of bugs in calculator coding.

Previously, a lot of programmers discussed the errors hiding in the windows calculator, but no one could find a mistake in its coding. The error detection in windows calculators is difficult due to their small codebase. However, when the code analysis software was used to detect errors in calculator coding, it found quite a few of them. To check the coding error, the Windows calculator and Qalculateare the best options.

To analyze any software, such as Qalculate or Windows calculator, PVS-Studio works like magic. This tool analyzes the software coding with high efficiency and points out the errors in the software. When this itis used to detect errors in Windows calculator and Qalculate, both are found to have bugs and potential vulnerabilities of different levels. However, comparison makes Windows calculatora better option for the users.

The code analysis of the Qalculate reveals that the developers used if ‘else’ statement in coding but forgot to manage it accordingly. They just copy-pasted the codes and thus forgot to correct the function name, which led to the V523 error in the software coding.

The above coding analysis is the evidence that the software developers copy-pasted the code statement and forgot to change the function(probably, internalUpperFloat, not internalLowerFloat was meant to be used in the else block). However, it is not the only error; instead, many more were found inQalculate. These errors were detected easily with PVS-Studio, which analyzes code efficiently and then provides details of which error is found in which line.

You can also find multiple errors in other applications. The only thing you need to know is the use of appropriate coding software and a little understanding of C or C++. You can also earn with such techniques. Several websites are now offering opportunities to the software developers to join them and check the software coding vulnerabilities in different open-source software. If you are also willing to make money, then it is better to register yourself on any such website, such as HackerOne. Select the project of your choice, and analyze its coding via amazing code analyzers, such as PVS-Studio. This will help you to detect errors, make a report, and inform the developers about the errors. In return, the developer will pay you the right amount as a reward. Enjoy filling your wallet with dollars by just detecting errors in the existing open-source software

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