Have you ever used burlap tote bags, which is a rough and durable material made from jute? Often people use such bags for shopping purpose.

These bags are reusable and has very rustic look. You must know how to maintain them and, in this post, we will let you know how they can be washed.

Handwashing method

If you prefer to wash any recycled wine bags with logo by hand, few burlap pieces may fare better. So, you must pick them very carefully, however, handwashing goes very well with any small finished pieces. Following are the way to wash them by using hand:

  1. Try to fill your basin with normal cold water. Prefer not to use hot water as it can shrink the fabric.
  2. Now add some mild detergent. It is better to use liquid variety to avoid deposits.
  3. Just allow the burlap item inside the basin for 5 minutes and make sure that the fabric does not come apart.
  4. Now stir the bag with hands gently
  5. Under the cold running water rinse your burlap item in the sink, and ensure that you avoid twisting or squeezing the cloth.
  6. As you take the item out from basin, make sure that you will not wring it, as it may damage the structure and its creases. Gently haul all the excess water.

Removal of stain

You can remove stains and other spots before you start the handwashing process.

  1. You can use any wet sponge for blotting the stain away and also remove extra moisture by using a dry towel.
  2. For difficult stains, use any oxygen-based stain remover. First test the product by trying on the bag’s inside to see the result. If all goes well, then you can just leave this oxy stain remover for few minutes.
  3. You can also use a mixture of water and soda to remove stains. You can apply a layer of paste by using baking soda with water on stain and then leave it for few minutes.

Removal of odor

For removing odor from the burlap shopping bags, baking soda can be quite useful. Following are the things you need do, to remove unpleasant smell:

  1. Fill one spray bottle water by dissolving baking soda
  2. Take burlap item outside and spray the mix and aerate for few hours. After that turn its inside out and again spray.
  3. In case of stubborn odor, treat burlap product by using lemon juice but avoid exaggerating with acidic treatment, otherwise you may be risking of fabric damage.
  4. Allow the burlap bag to dry in the fresh warm air for avoiding any development of mildew. You can lay your product on certain flat surface. Also, you can remove excess moisture just by placing the burlap fashion bag between 2 thick towels.

If you like to use any particular stain removers or other special cleaning products to use in your burlap bags, then make sure that you read the label of the product. Look for any specific instructions offered by the manufacturer for cleaning and maintenance.

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